Call to Action

The Building a Healthy Parramore Call to Action plan is designed to foster the community advocacy needed to begin the social transformation that will eliminate the risks for childhood obesity in this vulnerable urban neighborhood. This community- based approach is a successful engagement process that will educate, encourage and ultimately build community capacity to address the systemic causes of childhood obesity. Implementing culturally-sensitive strategies that leverage precious resources across various community sectors will support and reinforce healthy lifestyle behaviors, leading to a sustained initiative with a measurable impact. The Call to Action research and documentation was made possible by a grant from the Florida Blue Foundation Embrace a Healthy Florida childhood obesity initiative. Greater Orlando is one of five communities chosen by the Florida Blue Foundation to participate in this initiative that aims to reduce childhood obesity through the funding of promising practices, applied research and community engagement.


To attain social transformation that will eliminate the risks for childhood obesity in Parramore.


To develop advocacy and collaboration across all community sectors that will address the systemic causes of childhood obesity in Parramore.
  • To educate the Parramore community about childhood obesity
  • To identify the actions needed to build a healthy Parramore
  • To build synergy in the Parramore community through the Reduce Obesity in Central Florida’s Kids (ROCK) Consortium


  • Develop childhood obesity educational programs that address the needs of the African-American and Haitian populations in Parramore
  • Promote collaboration and advocacy among Parramore residents to advance healthy eating and physical activity initiatives throughout the community
  • Complete the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommended elements of the Community Food Assessment to effectively address access barriers to healthy food options