Call to Action History

In 2009 the Health Council of East Central Florida received a grant from the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida Foundation and in-kind support from Nemours to support the development of a consortium to address childhood obesity. ROCK (Reduce Obesity in Central Florida Kids) consortium partners work to ensure that children living in East Central Florida have healthy lifestyles that eliminate their risk for childhood obesity. Through collaborative community action ROCK fosters the necessary social change in the East Central Florida Region that will prevent childhood obesity.
The Health Council of East Central Florida, the Center for Multicultural Wellness and Prevention, and Hebni Nutrition Consultants collaborated todevelop this action plan. The process began in May 2009 and was completed in June 2011. To gain an understanding of the needs for Parramore residents to be healthier, the group conducted stakeholder interviews and focus group research and hosted work group meetings.
A planning team was formed to begin the process of organizing community membersto address childhood obesity. This small team identified the appropriate partners to include in the Call to Action development process. Members provided critical insight into how Parramore functions as a community, the importance of addressing populations individually, and the role of the faith-based organizations within the larger community.
Stakeholder interviews were held at the beginning of the development process. The information collected provided an understanding of the community. These interviews also uncovered major issues and long-term problems within the community.
Next, focus group research was conducted with many different community members to learn about the perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes they have about childhood obesity. The information gathered from the residents provided in-depth knowledge of the barriers that limit the opportunities for engaging in healthy lifestyle behaviors.
Work Groups were developed to address four community sectors: Early Learning, Schools, Community and Faith-Based, and Health Care. Work Group meetings were held to discuss the information that was collected from the stakeholder interviews and focus group research. Three goals were established for each meeting. They are as follows:
  • Learn of other initiatives currently under way in the community
  • Discuss the most constructive ways to address the areas of need
  • Build the advocacy and support needed to implement the Call to Action plan
Members developed strategies that could be implemented to address the barriers preventing healthy lifestyle choices in Parramore. The Health Council assembled all the supportivedata for the Call to Action. This included a demographic profile of Parramore residents; survey data on healthy eating behaviors and knowledge; childhood overweight/ obesity status at the national,state, county, and local levels; the definition of obesity as used by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; the health implications associated with childhood obesity; a social timeline that explains changes in eating and exercise habits in America; an explanation of the socioeconomic framework; the definition of a healthy community; and one formula for a healthy lifestyle.
The Call to Action plan is the result of a broad community engagement process that brings together the data, community perceptions and knowledge, defined actions and identified strategies. Promoting collaborative efforts that build upon Parramore assets, including Hebni Nutrition Consultants, Center for Multicultural Wellness and Prevention, Get Active Orlando, Teen Xpress, Nemours, Orlando Health, Orange County Health Department, Bridge to Independence, Orange County Healthy Start Coalition, Jackson Community Center, Callahan Neighborhood Center and the City of Orlando, will enablethe community to effectively address the barriers preventing the adoption of healthy lifestyle behaviors.