ROCK was created in 2008 after a community health assessment identified childhood obesity as a major concern in the Central Florida region: 30% of children here are considered overweight/obese.  ROCK’s main goals include encouraging community dialog and action with culturally appropriate messaging about healthy choices and active living;  raising awareness of health complications associated with childhood overweight and obesity and the benefits of prevention and treatment; providing mechanisms to engage communities through support, program and event development, assistance with media and marketing; and by providing partners with as much available and reliable information about new technologies, promising practices and evidence-based approaches to addressing childhood overweight and obesity and overall community health.


March 2008, HCECF hosted 2 day workshop sponsored by the Florida Blue Foundation and Winter Park Health Foundation
  • Desire to replicate Consortium to Lower Obesity in Chicago Children (CLOCC)
  • 100 community stakeholders from 40 organizations


  • Florida Blue Foundation “Embrace a Healthy Florida” Initiative award to Health Council of East Central Florida to form ROCK

2009 – 2013

  • Coalition building over 4 county area, sharing best practices, disseminating of materials to spread healthy messaging, hosted two childhood obesity conferences.
  • 2013, awarded 501(c)(3) nonprofit status


  • New structure, expanded area, focus on website and business to business model
  • Revised mission to reflect greater Central Florida area