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Local Weight Management Clinics for Children
Center for Child & Family Wellness (CCFW)
Florida Hosptial
At Florida Hospital for Children's Weight and Wellness program and Center for Child & Family Wellness (CCFW), our goal is to provide the support that children / adolescents  and their parents need to change unhealthy lifestyles successfully overcoming weight management and self-esteem issues while building lifelong healthy habits. Our board-certified obesity medicine pediatrician, licensed clinical child psychologist, registered dietician and exercise physiologist work  with CFFW trained YMCA exercise specialists to provide comprehensive, individualized attention to each child we see. Our program addresses the four key components of a balanced lifestyle: nutrition, exercise, psychology and health.  As part of our unique partnership with the Central Florida YMCA, our practice is based out of three YMCA family centers and is focused on effectively teaching families how to adopt lifelong healthy habits, helping them to build a healthier lifestyle through a motivational and fun process that’s tailored to their individual needs and engages their parents every step of the way. The program offers: Individualized, comprehensive medical evaluations and frequent follow-up visits to track progress, personal YMCA health coaching to motivate families and help them reach their goals, psychological services for children / adolescents  to assist in weight management, age-appropriate activity workshops and group education sessions and gym / sports activities at area YMCA facilities.
Children's Medical Services (CMS)
In Brevard County, children who are overweight or obese are evaluated, treated and can work with a team of experts to develop healthier lifestyle habits in the CMS Nutrition Clinic.
Healthy 100 Kids
Florida Hosptial
Florida Hospital for Children has developed Healthy 100 Kids, a comprehensive pediatric wellness initiative with the goal of giving kids the best chance of living to a healthy 100. It approaches each aspect of physical and mental wellbeing, not only for children and teens, but also for the family unit when household support is needed to affect change.
Nemours Children's Health System
Children who are overweight may have medical, behavioral, and genetic factors that contribute to weight gain. Our Weight Management specialists provide evaluation and treatment of children who are at an unhealthy weight. And we know your child’s healthy weight is more than a number on a scale; it’s about managing a medical condition, finding ways to deal with emotional issues, and learning healthy approaches to food, eating, and exercise that will last a lifetime.