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Continuing Education
You can fulfill your state’s continuing education requirements through online webinars. Whether you’re an athletic trainer, respiratory tech, or social worker - go to this website to find webinars focused on your area of expertise. Click on the “Find My Profession” tab to see if your area is covered. They offer free webinars specifically for those people interested in nutrition. Click on the “free” tab on this website to find out what free continuing education webinars are available.
The Florida School Crossing Guard Training Program 
Funded by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT)
The Florida School Crossing Guard Training Program (FSCGTP) was established to train and certify local school crossing guard trainers in accordance with the training guidelines. Certified trainers in turn train guards for their local agencies. The program’s purpose is to establish school crossing guard guidance and provide standardized training to local agency trainers to ensure school crossing guards throughout the State of Florida understand proper crossing procedures and can recognize and properly handle hazardous situations.